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The Difference that Cleaning with Care Makes

Dirty RugHello, my name is Morteza. My father started his own rug weaving company and taught me all I know about proper rug care. I have been in the Oriental rug business for over 20 years now and have vast experience with both sales and cleaning services.  

The difference between my services and the leading competitors is the care and time that goes into each cleaning. Here we do not use heavy machinery; we wash each rug by hand. What these bigger companies do is wash the surface of the rug, make sure it looks “clean,” get their paycheck, and send you on your way. However, they are not actually CLEANING your rug.

Dust mites left in an area rug. Dust mites are a common cause of asthma and allergic symptoms. Here at a vital part of the rug cleaning process is beating the rugs. Through this step soil and sediments that have built up under the rug fibers are removed. When companies skip this step and just wash the surface of your rug this grime stays in place and causes dry rotting, reducing the lifespan of your rug. Why would you pay for a service like that!

The picture on the right shows the dirt and sediments left in a rug after a professional "cleaning" in another cleaning facility.


The 6 Step Rug-Wash Cleaning Process

  1. First, we inspect the rug. We need to become aware of the fabric, whether it be wool, cotton, or silk. Each requires a different treatment and wash. Through this process we also learn whether there is any dry rot or stains in the rug. Each of these would need to be handled accordingly. Another part of the inspection is ensuring there won’t be bleeding. The rug will obviously need to be handled with more caution if the dye bleeds.  
  2. Next we beat the rug. This step removes the soils and sediments that have compressed under the rug fibers. A simple vacuuming would never remove this debris. Consider how long you have had your rug and how much dirt is impacted under the surface, invisible to the naked eye.  
  3. After that the rug is washed in cold water with a special rug shampoo. We clean it by hand on each side.  
  4. Once the rug has been washed and rinsed it is left to air dry. The rugs are hand groomed to ensure the fibers are lying naturally.  
  5. You won’t believe this next step, after inspecting, beating, and hand washing your rug, we beat it again! The prior steps would have loosened up any leftover embedded soil, which is then beat out as well as vacuumed. We guaranteed you a clean rug and we make sure we deliver this promise.  
  6. The last step is the fringe cleaning, also done by hand. Once the fringe is clean we make sure it is even and that you are 100% satisfied.  

Free Pick Up & Delivery: As much as we would like for you to visit our sale center in the Historic Town of Occoquan, we do offer free pick up & delivery.  A minimal square footage may be required. Please call to find out about your minimal order requirement based on your location.

Below are pictures that show the amount of sediment in a rug even after being cleaned by a conventional rug-cleaning service.

rug filled with sediment sediment left on the rug pad seditment left on the floor

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